What are Food Handlers Card Florida and How Can One Get It?

Food Handlers Card Florida

You should have known that food is an important thing for us, human being. Without food, we cannot function since we will have no energy to burn. In addition, a healthy food isn’t merely those foods that contain nutritional components, but also the one that have been carefully managed to be free from contaminants. Therefore, for ones working with food, there is a special certification called as food handler card certification. If you are living in Florida, you can get Food Handlers Card Florida too before working in food-related workplaces.

What Food Handlers Card Florida is and How to Get It

  1. Definition

What is Food Handlers Card Florida? To begin with, there is a certification program called as food handler card certification. As earlier mentioned, this certification will be required if someone is willing to work in many food-related workplaces. These workplaces will include hospitality and catering industry, nursing homes, food transport and distribution, school canteens, and many other workplaces.


  1. What jobs requires this certification?

Most common professions dealing with food (and beverages as well) in Florida will be required to own Food Handlers Card Florida; such as chefs, waiters, kitchen workers, butchers, shop assistants, stewardesses, etc.


  1. Why this certification is important

We know that food can be easily contaminated by germs and other contaminants. That’s why it is important to make everyone working with food to know how to handle food resources well. Aside from that, many states have ruled that every workplace who are going to handle food will require their workers to own this certificate.


By having this certification, hopefully that the workers will be aware on how to deal with food despite their various jobs – let it be in processing, manufacturing, distribution, storage, transporting, and even sales line.


  1. How to get the certification

To get Food Handlers Card Florida, you can try to have an online training provided in many websites. Make sure to get an online provider who has been officially approved by the Florida DBPR (Department of Business & Professional Regulation).


Once you have paid the needed fee to enter the training, you will have to complete the whole course. Typically, the course takes up to 90 minutes; then followed by an exam. There is a certain passing grade you have to comply, and most of online certification provider will require you to answer 80% of the total question number right.


However, to take this training, you have to be hired beforehand. Once you are accepted to work in the food-related workplace, you can apply get the training within 60 days after your hiring date. You have to be employed beforehand since your working place name will be printed on the food handlers card certificate.


  1. How long the card is valid?

The Food Handlers Card will be valid for three years. If you are changing jobs within the three-year validity of your card, you can still use the card to apply to another employer. You can ask the training provider to change the name of your employer once you have been hired.


That’s a little information you should know about Food Handlers Card Florida and how to get it.

To sum it up, this certification is important to have for ones working within the industries earlier mentioned. Why so, this is to ensure that the workers have enough knowledge how to handle food resources in a safe and healthy way.

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