The Best Menus Typically Served at Grilled Cheese Food Truck

It’s hard to find dishes as delicious and as practical as those that sold on grilled cheese food truck. The main menu, grilled cheese, is catered with sweet buttery toast with ample of soft melted cheese. It’s not the only thing you’d find on must food truck, though! Here are four common menus you can find on the moving establishment.

Grilled Cheese Food Truck

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
The first menu you’d find, of course, the primary attraction of grilled cheese food truck, which is the grilled cheese sandwich itself. The food is pretty much self-explanatory: it uses grill or metal grate over hot coals or open flame, and then the cheese sandwich will be cooked on top of tool like barbecue grill.

The fillings are as diverse as you’d want it to be. Typical stuffing is including tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado slices, zucchinis, onions, and peppers. Thin sliced fruits such as pears, apples, peaches, and strawberries work as well, and maybe raisins, currants and dried cranberries if you’re feeling adventurous.

2. Smoked BBQ
Smoking technique changes the way most people prefer their meat to be cooked to achieve dramatic flavor. Meats that are smoked for long time have their collagen breaks down, resulting in very tender texture. It gives special flavor and become a treat when put into grilled cheese.

You’d find wide range of smoked BBQ meat offered in grilled cheese food truck, the most common one being beef and pork, but it won’t be weird to find lamb, poultry, or fish as well.

3. Mac and Cheese
Macaroni and cheese can be considered as staple food growing up. It’s everyone’s favorite, from kids, college students, to busy adults. Since the dish made its debut back on 1937, it has built its way to become one of the favorite comfort dishes by Americans.

The popularity of mac and cheese is as prevalent as when it was first introduced more than 80 years ago. You can easily find the menu not only at grilled cheese food truck, but even to the finest dining restaurants made by the top America’s chefs.

4. Tomato Soup
Name a pair of dishes that’s more iconic than grilled cheese and tomato soup – bet you’d be struggling to. The buttery and crunchy bread, with a taste of gooey, warm, melted cheese, dunked in soup with velvety texture, sweet flavor, and sometimes a bit acidic. This combo has everyone feeling nostalgic of their childhood times.

Tomato soup works every single time, whether you crave for the traditional and timeless version, or the creative and spiced-up rendition of it. Some food trucks keep it classic, maybe by adding extra cheese, while others choose to go bold and add BBQ brisket or bacon into the menu.
Grilled cheese when served on its own is tasty without doubt. However, when you find the right dish to pair according to your own personal taste, be prepared for it to become a wonderful culinary experience. It’s more than easy to find grilled cheese food truck that served a broad range of side menus to accompany your melted cheese sandwich.

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